Tell your friends about Valued Opinions

To be able to invite a friend, you need to be a member of Valued Opinions.

Why become a member?

Valued Opinions is always looking for people who can provide honest opinions. As your opinions are valuable to us we even pay you for them.

When you become a member you get:

  • The chance to influence the future of products and services
  • Paid up to $5 per survey

Why tell your friends?

When you invite friends to Valued Opinions you will get:

  • Paid $2 for each friend who completes 2 surveys
  • The chance to let your friends also make a difference in influencing the development of products and services

How to get paid?

  1. Invite as many friends as you want and we’ll pay for the first 5 friends who qualify (per 3 months).
  2. To qualify, your friend must register by clicking through on the invitation email from the email address you provided.
  3. Your friend must become an active member and complete 2 surveys within 6 months of joining.

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