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Valued Opinions Make Online Surveys A More Personal Experience


Your opinions count. It’s only through market research surveys that companies large and small can truly learn what people like you think about everything from specific products and services, to topics as wide ranging as fashion, film or global warming.

Therefore, it’s true to say that we believe your opinion has real value. That’s why we offer you incentives that can be exchanged for rewards for completing our surveys.

An Honest Opinion Can Make All The Difference

The online market research surveys we conduct really help businesses design, package and deliver successful products and services of the future. That’s why companies are happy to pay for that information, which means we can reward you for the time and effort you put in!

Speaking Your Mind Is Free And Easy

At Valued Opinions®, our goal is to provide you with a hassle free, enjoyable experience.

To join, all you have to do is complete a short registration form. Once you’re a member, you’ll begin to receive regular invitations to take part in our online surveys. You’ll also find lots of other ways to have your say from voting in online polls to participating in new product development.

Don’t forget, if you ever have any queries or issues feel free to check out the FAQ section of the website.

Your Information’s Safe With Us

Maintaining your privacy, and protecting the confidential information you provide us with, is something we take extremely seriously. Rest assured at no time will we pass on any of your details.

We’re Here To Help

We rely on people like you to help us carry out this important market research. We want your membership with Valued Opinions®to be rewarding from every aspect. If you’re not sure about something, try the Frequently Asked Questions part of our website. Or, email your message to a member of our panel team who’ll be pleased to help.