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Sometimes, it’s all too easy to think that no one’s really interested in your views. But the Valued Opinions community is all about giving you, and countless others, the chance to express your views and tell the world what’s on your mind.

We really believe that your opinion matters. Perhaps that’s why more people take paid surveys online with Valued Opinions than anyone else. In fact, by joining us you can become part of an ever-growing worldwide community – our membership currently stands at over 600,000 people. But it’s not simply our size we’re proud of.

We value your honest considered opinions; opinions that help influence businesses across the globe and shape the products and services of tomorrow. Which is why we are:

  • Dedicated to giving you the best online support possible
  • Committed to making sure you get to have your say through surveys which are relevant to you and your interests
  • Ready to reward you for every online survey you take with us

At Valued Opinions we’re always looking for new ways to encourage people to share their views. For instance, there are Online Polls which you can vote in.

You’ll also be given the opportunity to discover how previous surveys have influenced product developments, take part in exciting product tests and get involved in Hot Topics. These are quick questions we’ll ask to see if you’re suited for a particular research project. They are not rewarded as we don't get paid for them ourselves, however you may well be pre-selected for a paid online survey soon afterwards, giving you yet another chance to give your views and earn rewards.

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