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  • 23.01.2015

    At the time of writing, football fans across the country are enjoying the playoffs as we find out which teams will be competing in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is being held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Tens of thousands of fans will be making the journey to see the g

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  • 02.01.2015

    We’ve all got things we want to achieve in our lifetime. Many of us compile a bucket list of activities we want to try, sites we want to visit and other things that we’d like to see realized before the end. If you have created a bucket list, what is the one goal you really want to accomplish?

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  • 02.01.2015

    Our planet may be a little speck on the scale of the universe, but Earth is full of man-made wonders and areas of natural beauty that are just waiting to be experienced and explored. The Earth is a big place, and unfortunately not all of it can be seen in one lifetime. If you had to choose one of th

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  • 23.12.2014

    The magic of the movies is that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Need a bit of lightweight fun with a comedy? You got it. Want to examine the horrors of war through a cinematic lens? No problem. Virtually any story in any genre can be brought to life at the movies. But with so much variety

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