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  • 23.06.2015

    With today’s rapidly advancing technology and the increasing use of social media in every aspect of modern life, it is no surprise that today’s teenagers and young adults are interacting with the written word, and actively consuming written content, in a completely different way from previous genera

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  • 22.06.2015

    Keeping healthy in the modern world can be extremely difficult. With such a wide range of demands on our time, and a variety of quick and easy, albeit unhealthy, food to eat, it is not surprise that many of us aren’t as healthy as we should be. Thankfully, as always, man’s best friend is there to he

    Posted: Health and education, Other

  • 19.06.2015

    The idea that video games, one of the most popular means of entertainment for a massive and dedicated audience , could ever be considered as ‘art’ is a controversial topic that has cropped up again and again in the entertainment industry.

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  • 18.06.2015

    Over the past few years, consoles have made the jump from dedicated gaming platforms to multi-media systems.

    Posted: Entertainment and sport