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  • 04.01.2013

    Valued Opinions reveals how Americans like their sport.


  • 10.12.2012

    To coincide with the launch of Nintendo’s Wii U, released in the US on November 18, Valued Opinions asked 2,444 Americans about their favourite games consoles and genre of video game.


  • 03.12.2012

    A recent survey conducted by Valued Opinions, a paid surveys company, uncovered a link between our age and how we interact on social networking sites. Whether we choose to interact with our favorite brand or look at photos would appear to be directly linked to our age. To find out more, have a lo


  • 13.11.2012

    It has long been assumed that Classical music is for the older generation and Dance/Electronic for the younger generation. But Valued Opinions, a paid surveys company, recently carried out discovered that the musical tastes of varying age groups maybe more closely related than ever before! But are