Rewards come easy with Valued Opinions

Sign up. Start earning.

As soon as you register with Valued Opinions and activate your account you’ll be able to choose to take part in surveys and earn rewards for each and every one you complete.

As the rewards add up you’ll be able to redeem them for vouchers to spend with some of the world’s top brands including:, Macy's and Marriott. 

Remember, being part of Valued Opinions isn’t just about earning money:

  • Update your personal profile – so we can send you more relevant surveys;
  • Voting in online polls – help shape future products and services;
  • Having your say on hot topics – know that your opinion is truly valued.

Make Valued Opinions work for you

You can use your personal profile to tell us what type of market research surveys you like participating in. As soon as one comes up we’ll make sure you’re one of the first to know about it.

You can also tell us how often and when you’d like to receive survey invitations – we’ll try to fit them into your schedule as best we can.

Not qualified for a survey?

Unfortunately, there are some surveys you may not qualify for. That’s why we give you plenty of other ways to share your views:

  • Have your say in online polls;
  • Take part in fascinating new product tests and development;
  • Give us feedback (good or bad) and help us improve the Valued Opinions service.

Win all the way

In addition to earning rewards here, there and everywhere you’ll be able to take part in sweepstake draws when you activate your account.